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Our Story 

B-Line Auto Company was started in 2010 by Tim Brueggemann. Tim was born into the business of hot rods and custom car building. His father, Bob Brueggemann, who has had his own shop since 1979, prided himself on metal fabrication and metal finishing. Needless to say, Tim didn't have to look far to determine what he wanted to be when he "grew up".  Tim worked for a very reputable hot rod shop outside of Norfolk and learned about all the in-betweens that help make a business successful. Then in the middle of 2011, Tim decided to open shop in Norfolk with the help of his wife Holly.

Since opening its doors, B-Line Auto Company has been very fortunate to have worked for some incredible customers, many of which turned into repeat customers. Most of our patrons are from outside Nebraska, however we are also honored to do work for locals, and receive the added benefit of seeing those cars cruise the local streets.

When Tim opened the doors he was self employed, but before he knew it he had a waiting list of people wanting to get their cars built into a dream. With that being said the shop has grown since it's beginning; B-Line Auto Company now boasts six employees including Tim's father, Bob.

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